In order to regulate the domain name registration industry and protect users' interest, the China Internet Information Network Center, the supervisor of the implementation of China's Internet Domain Name Registration Industry Self-Discipline Convention, has published the second batch of domain name violators.

A total of four domain name registration service providers have been exposed, including Xiamen Wuxiang Network Technology Company, Xiamen Guoge Network Technology Company, Xiamen Huitong Tianxia Technology Company and Xiamen Zhongyitong Network Service Company. They have been asked to rectify their respective businesses within given deadlines.

According to local media, the four companies have been mainly accused of sending intimidating sales emails in the name of other companies and cheating users by asking them to pay additional domain registrar fees. CNNIC has recently also issued a notice to 27 companies that have received the most complaints, asking them to correct their behaviors. Of those, six companies have responded and pledged to make fast corrections.

At present, more than 200 business entities or organizations have joined the Internet Domain Name Registration Industry Self-Discipline Convention, which was signed by over 40 domain name service providers on July 24, 2007.


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