Dell (DELL), the second largest PC manufacturer in the world, says that it will implement a carbon neutral program next year to help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Dell says that as part of the program it will increase energy utility efficiency and make investments in environmental protection projects so as to offset the greenhouse gases resulting from its operations. The company also says that it will cooperate with its clients and suppliers to protect the environment.

In June this year, Dell announced plans to become the most environmentally friendly technology company in the world. Right now, the company is strengthening its efforts on recycling of PCs and reducing the electrical costs of its devices. According to local media, it has also initiated a tree planting program.


  1. Good Morning,
    My name is Tom Burke and I work for an electric ultiity in America. As part of a college study, I will be coming to China in March 2009 and I would like to research electrical distribution efficiency programs in China. In other words, do China utilities work with residental or commercial customers to save energy?

    Any help or contacts you can provide is greatly appreciated.


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