Japan-based NETTS Corporation has announced its entry into a publishing agreement with 9you for the development of the marine fantasy MMORPG, Florensia, for the China market.

Services offered by 9you will allow for players to enjoy Florensia during 2008.

Wang Zijie, the founder and CEO of 9you, has indicated with regard to this agreement that he is very satisfied to have entered into an agreement with NETTS. 9you is one of the largest publishers of casual online games in China. Currently 9you offers services for China's highly popular online game, Audition, which has 110 million members at present, of whom, 800,000 are online at any given time.

Other offerings for the Chinese market include Korean casual games like Extreme Soccer and Raycity, and MMORPGs like Fantasy Journey Online and Chinese Paladin Online.


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