Haier Group has decided to move the marketing, planning and sales departments of Haier Computer to Beijing to speed up the company's expansion.

Fang Chunsong, general manager of Haier's business department for mobile computing, says that Haier's new operational headquarters will be located in the Xinzhongguan Building in Beijing's Zhongguancun and will begin operation in November. Fang says that Haier has moved to Beijing for the three main advantages offered by the city: commercial position, fast market information and proximity to upscale component suppliers and software partners.

With the planned relocation of its operational headquarters, Haier Computer has begun its expansion with the company's joint venture Haicheng soon to set up a new production base in Jiangsu to engage in exporting services.

Until now, Haier has set up 800 boutique retail stores for its computers, but it expects to increase the number of stores to 4000 by the end of this year.


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