Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) says Shanghai Telecom has deployed the VitalQIP DHCP and IP address management software for the carrier's IPTV service.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and IP address management software tools help streamline and increase the ability and capacity of the core network to dynamically assign IP addresses and convert domain names into IP addresses, thus enabling more efficient use of network resources. Alcatel-Lucent's VitalQIP could provide IP addresses assignment and management service for applications such as broadband network and IPTV.

As one of China Telecom group's IPTV demonstration projects, Shanghai Telecom is the first operator using DHCP technology in an IPTV network. Under the terms of the contract, Alcatel Shanghai Bell provides VitalQIP software and related services, which include consulting, implementation, management and maintenance as well as a training program to Shanghai Telecom to help set up the carrier class DHCP platform. At present, a total of 300,000 Shanghai Telecom subscribers could have distributed IP addresses utilizing this platform.


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