Chinese media reports that Japanese communications giant NTT DoCoMo will set up a joint venture with UFIDA to explore China's 3G market.

Yang Jian, assistant to president of UFIDA, says that the establishment of the joint venture is currently pending for a review and approval of the concerned departments which is expected to be done by the end of this year.

In February this year, UFIDA and NTT DoCoMo announced plans to set up a joint venture company to engage in the development of enterprise mobile service platform and application. It is learned that the joint venture, which is called Yong You Da Kang for the time being, will involve a total investment of US$13.42 million with NTT DoCoMo taking one third of the company's stake. It will be an equally important backbone service for UFIDA along with the company's management software service and be a strategic platform for NTT DoCoMo to expand enterprise mobile application service in China.


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