Following a week of exchanges in the media that resembled two children fighting over the controls to a game, CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation (CHINA), says its CEO, Peter Yip, met with Mgame's CEO, Yi-Hyung Kweon, in Seoul to discuss their differences over the operation of the online game Yulgang by CDC Games in China.

The parties reportedly agreed to work together to find a mutually satisfactory result and signed an agreement to agree to negotiate in good faith over the next several weeks to resolve all differences between the parties and reach an amicable solution.

"We are happy that the parties have agreed to negotiate and we are confident that we can reach a win-win solution for all in the near future," said Xiaowei Chen, Ph.D., president of CDC Games. "In the interim, we will continue to strongly support the game in China and the game has shown a robust recovery with average daily revenues over the past week-end exceeding 163 percent of the average daily revenues for the previous three months."


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