Tianjin Broadcast & TV Network Company has selected NDS VideoGuard conditional access to protect its new digital cable service.

Tianjin Broadcast & TV Network has an existing network of over two million analog subscribers in Tianjin. Advanced digital technology from global market leader NDS will support Tianjin's Pay-TV business and security needs by enabling the company to benefit from new business models. In addition, adopting VideoGuard technology facilitates the rollout of advanced services, such as DVR and HDTV on a secure and flexible platform.

NDS technology will enable Tianjin Broadcast & TV Network to develop an industry leading digital platform capable of securely delivering enhanced, value added services to cable viewers in a robust environment able to meet Tianjin's business needs now and in the future.

Tianjin Broadcast and TV Network, established in 2000, is one of the largest cable TV operators in China. It is a state-owned organization responsible for planning, construction, operation, and management of the cable TV network of Tianjin.


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