Guangdong Mobile has announced a free and unlimited capacity mobile email service for its users.

The new service is available to all users of Guangdong Mobile. From now on, users can get an email box with the same name as their mobile phone number, free of charge. The free and unlimited capacity mobile email service combines the advantages of both email and mobile phones. By logging onto Guangdong Mobile's website or, users can easily enter their mobile email box to receive, send or manage their emails.

Guangdong Mobile has also added PushMail functions for the new service and given away a one gigabyte mobile phone network disk to each user. Liu Yaogen, deputy general manager of Guangdong Mobile, says that they don't expect to make a profit from the new service for the time being, but over time as users grow they can add new paid services.

China Mobile (CHL), the parent company of Guangdong Mobile, had previously launched mobile phone email services, but it charged CNY6+ per month for the service.



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