Beijing Mobile, an affiliate of China Mobile, has recently launched four types of call billing inquiry services for its consumers.

The four types of services are paper bills, electronic bills, short message based bills and multimedia messaging service based bills. All of them are free for consumers, and give consumers more choices in how they want to be notified of payment issues.

Beijing Mobile's GoTone users can log onto the company's website to apply for mailing of the call bill. Alternatively they can apply for the service by sending "KTYJZD" to 10086.

Beijing Mobile's short message based call bill consists of monthly rent, calling fee, value-added service fees, data service fee and other additional fees. Users of Gotone and M-Zone can apply for the service by sending "ZDDZ" to 10086 or by going to Beijing Mobile's online business halls to apply.

In addition, GoTone and M-Zone users can send "CXZD" to 10086 if they want to apply for MMS-based call billing.


  1. i have china make tv digital phone (SED V628) GSM SINGLE SIM
    manual given to me is in english and my service provider send activated gprs but i could not check mail on mobile phone is it possible if yes tell me .


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