IBM (IBM) has announced plans to enter Chongqing Xiyong Park and set up a global service company in Chongqing.

IBM will carry out a comprehensive cooperation with Chongqing Information Technology Investment Service Company, a joint venture between Chongqing International Trust & Investment Company and Xiyong Park, granting the latter the qualification as a training center to upgrade the capabilities of Chongqing's IT professionals. Zhou Weikun, president and CEO of IBM Greater China, has told local media that CITIS and IBM will jointly train over 10,000 professional outsourcing talents in the coming three years.

In addition, IBM will, along with CITIS, set up an international standard and advanced data center in Xiyong Park to provide various services such as data storage, disaster preparation and data processing for Chongqing so as to reduce the repeated investment within the industries.


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