Global mobile phone giant Nokia (NOK) has reached an agreement with Chinese IT distributor Digital China to provide a trans-terminal and trans-platform mobile email solutions for business clients.

The new service, Intellisync, consists of four parts of mobile email, equipment management, file synchronization and data synchronization, and it is a comprehensive solution that can meet the demands of mobile business clients. It can provide end-to-end mobile equipment management for clients by spanning different types of equipment, networks or technology. In addition, it can support equipment with Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

As a general service center of Intellisync, Digital China will be responsible for providing all-round services to enterprises and consumers such as installation at home, telephone support, system upgrade and after-sales service.

Liu Qiang, a representative from Nokia China, says that by combining Intellisync with handset products like mobile phones, this not only expands products applications, but also helps better to know about consumers' demand so as to better serve them.



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