According to the website of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of China's State Council, Panda Electronics Group's 50-inch High Definition SM Plasma Display Panel Industrialization Program has been included as a special program of this year and has been given CNY20 million fund support by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Since large screen flat panel display technology, which has long been held by foreign manufacturers, is a bottleneck for China's television industry, China's NDRC and the Ministry of Information Industry has listed the development of the technology and its industrialization as a key target during the 11th Five Year Plan period.

A representative from Panda Electronics says that they own or applied for 88 patents for SM-PDP with self-owned intellectual technology and the total number of patents is expected to reach 100 this year and this will help break up the monopolization of Japanese and South Korean manufacturers in the Chinese PDP market.

Nanjing Huaxian High Tech Company, an affiliate of Panda Electronics, will be responsible for the operation of the program.


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