China has made a new steps in enterprise software legitimacy with up to 1500 large enterprises having completed their software legitimacy audits and another 1300 having been included into a list of the first batch of enterprises that have completed the general software legitimacy work.

China initiated the enterprise software legitimacy work in April 2006 when the National Copyright Administration of China issued an implementation measure on promoting the use of legitimate software by enterprises in cooperation with other eight government departments. In February 2007, nine Chinese ministries, including NCAC and the Ministry of Information Industry, formed a joint-chair meeting mechanism to further strengthen the coordination work on the use of legitimate software among enterprises.

Liu Binjie, director NCAC, says that in the past year or so, more than 200 trainings have been offered by the members of the joint-chair meeting and local departments on the use of legitimate software, 1500 enterprises have received guidance and inspections, up to 3600 enterprises have been supervised and about 1100 of them have been punished for illegal dealings.



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