According to Analysys International's latest report, in 2011 the scale of China's Wireless Application Protocol market will reach CNY52.2 billion.

From 2007 to 2011, the average annual compound growth rate of the WAP market will be 44%. From 2003 to 2011, the average annual compound growth rate of mobile operator's income will be 84% and the average annual compound growth rate of service providers will be 57%.

On Analysys International's research, in 2007, the proportion of flow rate income of non-official portals and official portals is 73:27.

The quick development of wireless businesses will also directly motivate the activity of segments in the industrial chain. Analysys International says the 2008 Olympic Games will become a new income growth region for mobile phone advertisements.


  1. WAP – 52.2 *BILLION*? Something must be seriously wrong with this report. First is WAP actually existing in 2011, and of course there are only 1.x billion people in China, and less than 10 billion in the entire world!

  2. Chinese call all mobile internet "WAP", not just the crappy 1990s protocol we all know and love – I work in that area and it drives me up the wall when you don't know which definition a report is using. And I think the 52 billion is RMB, not users ;)


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