According to the Technology Channel of, six companies have taken a lead in winning China Mobile's first bidding for 40,000 TD-SCDMA terminals and more companies are likely to join in the bidding next year.

Previously, China Mobile announced that it would soon purchase 40,000 TD-SCDMA terminals, including 30,000 TD-SCDMA mobile phones and 10,000 TD-SCDMA data cards.

A representative from a TD-SCDMA mobile phone manufacturer told the local media that by December 21, though as many as 19 TD-SCDMA mobile phone manufacturers had joined in the bidding, only six of them were entitled to win and they were ZTE, Samsung, LG, Hisense, Lenovo and Xin You Tong.

The person said that these six companies are sure to be qualified to obtain the bidding, but news from a meeting held on December 22 was that the scope of the TD mobile phone companies would be expanded for the bidding, though it is yet unknown which ones are going to join.


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