He Ning, general manager of China Mobile (Beijing), has disclosed at a press conference that Beijing Mobile will adopt the mobile phone real name system for its Shenzhouxing service users this year.

China Mobile has adopted real name system for its Gotone users, but Shenzhouxing users, which account for 70% of the company's total users, can still easily buy a SIM card from street dealers. He said that the real name system would be adopted among Shenzhouxing consumers later this year and users will need to ishow their ID card before they apply for a Shenzhouxing SIM card.

Apart from adopting the mobile phone real name system, Beijing Mobile is also experimenting with the management system of mobile phone numbers. According to He, under this new system, each ID card can only be used to apply for a certain number of SIM cards.

Beijing Mobile said it would launch more package services this year to meet users' demands. He introduced that Beijing Mobile is brewing a new service, which would remind users about their telephone bill during a certain period of time so that they can decide whether they will continue to use a certain package service after a period of use.


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