IBM has entered China's virtual 3D world with the signing of a strategic partnership with China's domestic virtual community UOneNet.

3D development on the Internet will have great impact on people's lives and to meet this change, IBM has begun the development on supporting systems, software frameworks, service patterns and mutual connection and has initiated 3D Internet and virtual world projects. This is the first time that IBM has chosen to cooperate with a Chinese virtual world company.

According to their agreement, the parties will first study how to link UOneNet's "You Wo Shi Jie" to IBM's virtual world platform, then IBM will work with UOneNet and other leading 3D service providers to design business patterns suitable for platform operators, virtual world operators, corporate clients, individual clients, and finally IBM will reside in "You Wo Shi Jie" and open an IBM China area within the virtual world.

Dr. Li Shigong, president of IBM China Research Institute, said in a press statement that IBM chose to cooperate with UOneNet to verify the new standard and business pattern for the virtual world. Li said that IBM was optimistic of the virtual world development in China and in the meantime he said that he hoped China would take a leading position in global 3D development and achieve better cultural and economic development.



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