Dell (DELL) China has secretly launched a new program called "Online Sale Promotion Service Provider", authorizing regional dealers to display Dell's products at their sales site to provide offline order placements for customers.

This is another move that Dell has taken in going out its direct-selling pattern following a cooperation with Gome and the opening of its Experience Stores.

Zhang Saying, a spokesperson from Dell Greater China, said that this is a new pattern to enhance consumers' experience of Dell's consumer electronics and to enable them to enjoy Dell's customized services via Dell's business partners. Zhang said that the new business pattern is mainly for Dell's consumer products and said that about 50 partners, which are mainly in the fourth to sixth tier cities, have joined the program.

Different from the Client Experience Center that is operated by Dell, the Promotion Service Supplier needs to go to the computer market by itself to rent or purchase a store space to exhibit Dell's products and place an order for customers before Dell provides the related after-sales service.


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