According to, six mobile phone manufacturers have obtained 3G network licenses, which makes them eligible to attend the bidding of China's TD-SCDMA.

However, the name of the six manufacturers have not been disclosed in any Chinese media.

To obtain the TD network access license, mobile phone manufacturers need to pass both an indoor test and outdoor test. The indoor test was completed before the end of 2007, and the outdoor test, which was arranged in Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province at the end of last year, has just been finished.

More than 20 types of brand mobile phones both home and abroad were said to be participating in the outdoor test in Qinhuangdao, which involves more than 500 complicated items. According to a representative of A TD-SCDMA manufacturer, China Mobile is going to publicize the result for its TD-SCDMA mobile phone bidding and six mobile phone manufacturers will be the winners.


  1. Hi i got a chinse mobile but there is not any logo on it so i cant install any game or software on it, plz help me, im very thankful to u all to solv this matter


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