China's Ministry of Information Industry has announces the audit findings of wireless value-added service providers in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Communications management departments criticized and punished 50 service providers and ordered 15 companies that had engaged in serious infringement to straighten out their respective businesses. The concerned telecom enterprises terminated cooperation with 96 service providers by stopping the settlement service with them or closing down their service access.

Of the total illegal service providers, 69 were China Mobile's, 64 were China Unicom's, eight were China Telecom's and five were China Netcom's. Among them, Shenzhen Huadong Feitian Network Technology Development Company, Beijing Hualu Yidong Technology Development Company, Hanghzou Caitong Network Technology Company, Beijing Longbo Gaotong Technology Company, Beijing Xinqi Shijie Communicaitions Technology Company, Beijing Guozhengtong Network Technology Company, Guagnzhou Qitai Communications Engineering Company, Guangzhou Mingzhi Computer Technology Company, Guagnzhou Zhenyin Network Technology Company, Guangzhou Kaihan Information Technology Company, Beijing Aiweixun Communications Technology Company, Beijing Tianying Jiuzhou Network Technology Company, Hunan Zhongyu Technology Company, Beijing Lianxin Yongyi Technology Company, Jiangsu Sanling Technology Company were asked to stop their business for rectification.


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