News from the Ministry of Public Security is that 13 Chinese ministries have been taking a joint action since last month to regulate online order, with the emphasis being given to the cleaning out of such content as candid snapshots, nude pictures and "unhealthy" adult literature.

During the campaign, the Chinese ministries will focus on cracking down on four kinds of illegal behavior, including spreading abundant erotic information to make profit by taking advantage of Internet and mobile phones; launching bawdry websites in a foreign country to spread unhealthy content to and develop members in China; organizing obscene online performances or prostitution-related activities; and committing such crimes as online fraud, theft, gambling and sale of forbidden goods.

In addition, the ministries will clean out vulgar content such as candid snapshots, nude and adult literature from websites and shut down blogs that help transmit erotic graphics and text. They will ask search engine service providers to take measures to block unhealthy content within the given deadlines and completely eliminate those erotic websites.

According to China's Ministry of Information Industry, they will blacklist those websites that refuse to delete the unhealthy content and ask the telecom management departments to close them. To better manage online information, they also plan to promote a real name registration system for the hosts of online chat rooms.


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