Global mobile phone manufacturer Nokia (NOK) plans to try new channel means in China to advance consumers' experience of their products and further expand their market share in the rural areas of the country in 2008.

Deng Yuanyun, vice president of Nokia Global, told local media that one of the work emphases of Nokia in 2008 is to expand their sales channel. Deng said that China would keep up a strong growth momentum in the year as a middle-end market for Nokia and the country's rural market would see greater user increases. As a result, it would also be one of the most important work focuses of the company to further expand the country's rural market.

In addition to paying attention to the rural market, Nokia also hopes to maintain a substantial share in the market of mobile phones exchange.

In 2007, Nokia accounted for 40% of the share in the global mobile phone market. According to Colin Giles, president of Nokia China, the strong growth in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific had contributed much to Nokia's success. Of them, China continued to be the top single market for Nokia by contributing 13% to the global sales with a total sales volume of 70.7 million mobile phones in the year.


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