Geo-location and mobile social networking company GyPSii has partnered with Shanghai Rannuo and China Unicom to launch its GyPSii service during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Shen Yingchao, general manager of Shanghai Rannuo Information Technology Company, said, "UGC and social networking are the future, and the GyPSii service will help drive the value added business to new heights. Thanks to our close partnership with Unicom and GyPSii, Rannuo will continue to provide our long standing services to users and significantly enhance our offering in time for the Olympic Games."

The GyPSii service combines social networking, mobile, location and web 2.0 technologies to offer China Unicom users a seamless mobile lifestyle experience. It will allow users to create pictures, video and blogs centered on all things Olympic while using their existing camera phone.


  1. Gypsii software has major opportunity. Few internet telecommunication companies
    could be interested, now in mainland there is lack of this kind of companies,so price could get high.


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