Cui Guangfu, CEO of (LONG), has told local media that the Chinese Internet travel company will take three measures in the future to reduce the gap between them and their rival

The latest financial report of shows that the company suffered a net loss of CNY12.1 million in the fourth quarter of last year. In comparison, their competitor achieved CNY135 million in net profit during the same period.

Cui admitted there are differences between and, and said that his company would take three measures to eliminate these differences. Cui said first he would concentrate on building a capable management team; second, focus on reshaping the enterprise culture and building a brand with the employees, service and profit as the center; and third, spend CNY200,000 to train the employees and evaluate clients' satisfaction and employee loss each month.

Regarding operations, will invest more on brand development, system construction and human resource and will probably consider some acquisitions in the future.


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