Foreign media reports that Taiwan-based Chunghwa Telecom may become the first mobile operator to provide Chinese language Google Android mobile phones.

Android is an open source software platform which is specially designed for mobile networks. In 2007, Google launched Android to market as part of its Open Handset Alliance Project.

The report says that Chunghwa Telecom is cooperating closely with smartphone manufacturer HTC, with which it launched several HTC mobile phones in the past, and is planning to develop Google mobile phones jointly with the company. Chen Chang-rong, vice president of Chunghwa Telecom's Mobile Business Group, is cited as saying that it won't be too long before the first type of Chinese-language Google mobile phone is launched and this may happen around the end of this year or early next year.

It has been rumored that Chunghwa Telecom may become the first operator to provide the Google Android platform mobile phones to Taiwan users by virtue of its solid partnership with HTC, but Chen denies this and says that they will first launch a Chinese version Google mobile phone.


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