The Chinese IT Service Alliance has been initiated by the Consumer Electronics After-sales Service Commission of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce with Red Express Service, a subsidiary of Hisap High Technology Corporation, as one of the key members. The purpose is to provide industry self-regulation of China's domestic IT service market.

A survey conducted by the alliance shows that 77.4% of Chinese consumers are not satisfied with the after-sales service of IT products and the consumers' main complaints revolve around unprofessional, unreliable and non-standard service provided by the IT products providers in China.

A representative from CECC says that to change this unfavorable situation, a service standard must be fixed and a regulation system organized. The newly established Chinese IT Service Alliance will help the domestic IT service market quickly set up a reliable and complete system to regulate the market and lay a foundation for the creation of relevant standards.

Li Xiao, president of Hisap, says that the establishment of Chinese IT Service Alliance is an example of the fine quality of Red Express Service, and it also raises higher requirements for China's domestic IT service market. Li believes that the alliance will be useful for integrating the resources of all service providers so that they will operate in a unified and regulated manner across the entire country.


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