Chinese electrical appliance retailer Five Star Appliance will sign a cooperation agreement with Dell (DELL) to sell the latter's products at its retail stores.

With the signing of the agreement, Five Star will become one of the most important partners of Dell in China.

Liu Li, general manager of Five Star's Digital IT Department, says that starting in May, Five Star will start selling Dell's desktop and laptop PCs at their core stores in major Chinese cities and they will bring the products to more of their stores in the coming months. Liu says that Dell will send staff to Five Star' stores to facilitate consumers' purchase of the products.

Five Star targets the Chinese white collar class for its electronics appliance. The company's PC sales increased by up to 300% in 2007 compared with that of the previous year and it plans to increase the proportion of international brand digital products at its selling venues this year.

Dell, a premier PC manufacturer around the world, has been trying to expand its sale channels by cooperating with major retail sites. Following the alliance with retailers in Japan, the Great Britain and the U.S., the company now brings this pattern to China.


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