China Unicom (CHU) has taken a lead in the telecom sector by launching a nationally unified online business hall in China.

China Unicom's online business hall offers consumers such services as phone bills and inquiries on accumulated scores, credit, and payment records. The information from China Unicom's offline business halls in various cities are also available on the online business hall, which also gives introductions to the company's various package products, sales promotions, international roaming service and value-added service. China Unicom plans to make it possible for consumers to pay their communications fee and buy various package products from the online business hall in the future.

In addition, China Unicom's online business hall features an enterprise channel which is designed to mainly serve enterprise users by displaying products, solutions and successful business cases.

China Unicom says it will build an SMS business hall and mobile phone business hall step by step in the future to provide a more diversified service channel for the Chinese consumers.


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