An analysis gives a deeper insight into the filter lists for engravings on Apple hardware: In all six regions examined – USA, Canada, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan – Apple prevents the engraving of swear words and derogatory and sexual content, albeit in inconsistent form as broken down by a study by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. China filter list with effects for Hong Kong and Taiwan In China, however, political content is also on Apple’s blacklist, in a very broad form, execute the scientists – For example, the Chinese term for “human rights” cannot be engraved on the back of iPads & Co. Other general terms relating to democracy and religions are also taboo for Apple’s engraving service for Chinese customers. The names of dissidents and references to the government and China’s political system as well as news organizations are also on Apple’s filter list, the Citizen Lab found 1045 blocked terms for mainland China alone – compared to 170 in the USA. This “excessive censorship” limits the possibilities of Chinese Apple users to express themselves freely with regard to politics and religion, writes Citizen Lab. The researchers see it as particularly problematic that Apple’s comprehensive filter list for China also affects Hong Kong and – on a smaller scale – Taiwan, without any legal justification. Apple also does not seem to fully understand which terms are filtered – for example, the engraving of ten names with the surname “Zhang” would be blocked. Those names could come from another Chinese company’s censorship list, Citizen Lab said. Apple: Specifications are based on company values Apple’s specifications for engravings are based on the “values” of the group, said Apple’s chief data protection officer in a letter to Citizen Lab with . You have guidelines that ensure that “local laws and customs” are observed. You handle the engraving specifications regionally and create the filter lists yourself and only partially automated. Third parties or authorities are not involved, according to Apple. If engravings were rejected by mistake, there was a procedure to correct this. (lbe)