A new service in China might make computer consumers not surf naked anymore when they call for technical support. To improve its service efficiency and quickly meet clients' demands, Chinese IT manufacturer Founder is planning to open a video-based client service call center, which is reportedly the first of its kind in China.

Founder said it would invest over CNY10 million to build the IP platform multi-media call centers which would be located in Suzhou and Beijing. Founder also planned to introduce video functions to the centers in May so that clients only need to download software to their computer before they can directly communicate with the staff at Founder's calling centers via video chats.

Avaya will supply Founder with the unified communications technology and solutions for the call centers, which are expected to be formally launched in August 2008.

Sun Guofu, vice president of Founder Technology, says that the new client centers are not only a cost center, but also a strategy center for the company. Sun says that the centers will provide clients fast and convenient after-sales service plus more value-added service so as to increase Founder's brand awareness.


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