News from the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council is that China has put the drafting of Data Safety Rule, a law that intends to protect the safety of personal information, on its legislative plan of this year.

Chinese media recently conducted a survey on the disclosure of personal information and showed that 90% of Internet users had information they believed had been compromised and 94% of the respondents believe that personal information disclosure is a very serious problem. Of these users, personal information is disclosed by commercial companies that make profit by collecting or selling users' information and some of their information is revealed when registering for an online service such as email or chat room.

The loss of personal information has made each individual a transparent person. Therefore, it has become a wide concern within Chinese society on how to protect an individual's personal information. Though China's existing laws have some coverage on the protection of personal information, they are too general and can't fully ensure that people's personal information can not be abused or violated. This is why the country has included the drafting of the new rule into its legislation agenda.


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