MediaG3 is partnering with China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television division Academy of Broadcasting Science to begin wireless services for interactive TV coverage and Internet in China.

In the interior regions and rural areas, there are about 900 million Chinese who are under-served or have no connections to the Internet or interactive TV programs. A chance to be a part of the rural coverage of a national rollout plan will provide opportunities for deploying thousands of mg3 wireless systems.

"Broadband wireless technology has tremendous market potential in China, especially in vast regions where cable coverage is not feasible," said Peiyu Guo, director of Information Technology Institute, of ABS. "Proven and cost effective broadband wireless technology and applications are two key solutions to satisfy the huge demand in China. We are very pleased to work with MediaG3 to explore and develop broadband wireless applications for connectivity and delivery."

MediaG3 develops and markets broadband wireless technology products and online applications that empower interactive content delivery to fixed and mobile consumers. The company says it is developing its integrated business and product lines to offer the best solutions for broadband wireless infrastructures, online and mobile rich-media content delivery.


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