Oracle (ORCL) and China-based ZTE have extended their alliance in connection with the marketing and development of service delivery platform offerings in China.

Oracle and ZTE will leverage their complementary strengths in communications and enterprise software to collaborate in the development of an SDP blueprint and proof-of-concept. Both parties will work with additional partners to enrich the total SDP solution. The current Oracle Service Delivery Platform offering is an extremely comprehensive, standards based software environment for creating new IP-based communications services. Oracle SDP extends the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products to include a J2EE and SOA-based development and deployment environment designed to streamline the introduction of new communications services such as VoIP, IMS and software-based telephony services. A key component of Oracle's SDP solution is the Oracle Communication and Mobility Server, which provides the underlying software infrastructure and services that make a host of carrier-grade telephony and multi-media services possible using cost-effective, high-volume hardware components.

By using carrier-grade J2EE as its basis for the Service Delivery Platform, the Oracle-ZTE SDP blueprint will enable a standards-based environment for the design, development, deployment, and management of services that lie at the heart of IT and network convergence. The Oracle-ZTE SDP offering will help support the full life cycle of next-generation data services, starting from design and development all the way through deployment, management and service upgrades.

Communications and information technologies are rapidly converging. Confronted with huge infrastructure costs, communications service providers need to develop new high value services faster to recoup their investments. At the same time, they have to deal with eroding revenue streams from traditional services such as voice, and overcome fierce market competition. It is essential to be able to rationalize the service provider's environment to build, deploy and manage services as well as facilitate the development of new attractive services by third-party partner service providers. The SDP development between Oracle and ZTE will help future-proof the infrastructure investment made by the communications service provider.


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