The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China has issued a circular which asks that the management on the testing of Digital Audio Broadcasting be strengthened.

In the circular called the Notice on Strengthening on the Management of DAB, SARFT says that DAB tests have only been approved to be carried out in a few cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but some places in the country still ignore SARFT's regulations by broadcasting digital audio programs.

The circular says that audits will be conducted on the testing sites to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and SARFT's affiliates at various provincial levels must fulfill their responsibilities in stopping unapproved DAB tests and to submit a report to SARFT before April 30. After that, SARFT will conduct a special check by itself throughout the country and punish those that violate the relevant rules. In addition, the circular says that without SARFT's approval, no parties shall occupy frequencies to carry out DAB testing.

DAB is a method for the digital transmission of radio signals for mobile reception, developed by the EUREKA project 147. DAB gives higher spectral efficiency, measured in programs per MHz and per transmitter site, than analogue communications.


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