After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, China's online auction website eBay Eachnet announced plans to donate CNY200,000 to the disaster areas.

The company also encouraged its employees to make donations and it at the same time launched an online charity auction to provide support to the people affected. By logging onto the Donation and Auction sector of eBay Eachnet, Internet users can now make donations via a charity auction or online bank remittance. eBay Eachnet says it will spend all the money donated by the Internet users and its employees on purchasing emergency goods for the disaster areas.

Chang Lin, vice president of operations at eBay Eachnet, says that at this special moment, as a leading online transaction platform, eBay Eachnet should respond to the government's call and make full use of its own advantage to transform the public's care and love for the earthquake victims into economic aid. Chang says that they hope that more companies and Internet users will join in this activity and help people in the earthquake areas reconstruct their homes.


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