Chinese Internet travel company (CTRP) has published a list of the areas of its business affected by the earthquake in Sichuan.

With regard to hotel reservations that have affected by the earthquake, hotels which can not be booked in the normal way by include cities of Chengdu, Mianyang, Emeishan, Guangan, Dujiangyan, Chuxiong, Hailuogou, Suining, Deyang, Yibin, Guangyuan, Nanchong, Xichang, Panzhihua, Neijiang, Leshan, Yaan, Jiangyou, Aba, Songpan, and Meishan.

For air-ticketing, has temporarily suspended the booking of flights to Chengdu. is trying to keep customers informed about flights which have been changed or cancelled. asays they are also trying to help customers to change their bookings. has launched a travel guarantee fund for major natural disasters and has set up corresponding action plans to give some compensation for those customers who were on holiday and were affected by the earthquake. In addition, within the range of fund compensation, resort customers of who had planned to arrive via Chengdu Shuangliu Airport will be given full reimbursements of their tour fees.


  1. Are they any ways we can send money to people helping in the area?

    I'm in Vancouver so I can use paypal if that is possible.

    Can you please post information about this?


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