LG Group says it has donated CNY17 million to Sichuan earthquake area through the Red Cross Society of China, of which CNY7 million is intended to be given to Sichuan Changhong, a main business partner of LG.

Following the earthquake in Sichuan, there have been numerous donations made to help local people and governments, but LG's donation is the first that has been targeted at a local enterprise.

LG Group says that the main reason it is donating to Changhong is that the latter is an important business partner for its affiliate LG Display. Yu Nanjun, president of LG Greater China, says that LG is not only a friend of China, but also an enterprise citizen based in China, so they will try their best to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities in the country.

Mianyang-based Changhong reportedly has suffered a great loss in the earthquake. Changhong's spokesperson says the company appreciates LG's donation and is happy to accept it.

Changhong's operation in Mianyang was halted for a while after May 12 earthquake. The company said that the operation of color TV was basically resumed on May 19.


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