After China Mobile (CHL) announced a preferential policy for Shenzhouxing users in the earthquake area round Sichuan, a number of mobile phone card wholesalers from Beijing's Wanjia Madian Post Card Market reportedly have flown to Sichuan to recharge the mobile phone cards they've purchased in large quantities to make a profit.

China Mobile announced that Shenzhouxing card users who enter Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Guangyuan and Aba between May 17 and May 31 would receive CNY100 on their calling cards if their prepaid value is less than CNY50. Hearing the news, businesses in Wanjia Madian Post Card Market began to purchase Shenzhouxing cards in large quantities and fly to Chengdu to recharge the cards.

A businessman surnamed Dong told that some of the businesses had found partners in Chengdu to receive the cards they sent from Beijing and those who go to Chengdu on their own would immediately return after they learned that the CNY100 calling fee was already saved in their cards. Dong said that each of the cards that get recharged would be sold at no less than CNY120, but he did not disclose when the cards would be available.

Another businessman surnamed Guo told local media that for the sake of safety, the businesses would begin to sell the cards starting in June and each of which will be priced at about CNY140, offering them about CNY80 in profit. They worry that China Mobile may cancel the deal, so they want to unload the cards as fast as possible.

Some businesses have invested more than CNY100,000 in purchasing Shenzhouxing cards, and some even invested over CNY1 million on the scheme.

So far, China Mobile says that they've not heard anything about this scheme.


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