According to The Wall Street Journal, French luxury goods provider Christian Dior has launched a series of new mobile phones and targeted China and Russia as main markets for these products.

In addition to most of the features of other ordinary mobile phones, CD's new mobile phone also has a mini mobile phone which resembles a USB key. Users can put the main mobile phone in a handbag while using the mini mobile phone to make calls.

Produced by a small manufacturer called ModeLabs in France, the new mobile phones are reportedly priced around EUR3500. Sidney Toledano, CEO of CD, says that they hope to increase their sales volume through these mobile phone products.

At present, CD's annual sales is about EUR787 million. Toledano hopes that the new mobile phone business can bring about EUR200 million income each year to the company.


  1. i think it's the right time of selling the hi-end mobile phone to china, since the market start the trend of buying the second mobile phone with more functions & more deluxe look. i did express my own opinion about it in my own blog.

    for entering the china hi-end consumer market of the mobile phone, it needs to cooperate with the china local operators, they hold almost all hi-end users from china. the private company's sales channel are hard to capture the hi-end users due to almost no reputation from those outlets. iphone did ever approach the china local operator last year for selling the iphone in china. however, iphone too proud & not willing to share the revenue of the digital contents, so, it makes the cooperation quitted. for my personal experience about doing the china telcome market, the operator concern how they make money first instead of creating the value for the user first.


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