Access to Chinese online video provider has been suspended since 18:00 on June 3, but the company has denied this has something to do with a rumored shutdown by China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Instead the company attributes the suspension to a server malfunction. made an explanation at 10:00 today, 16 hours after the website's access was stopped, and said that the website had experienced a server failure and was being repaired, but it did not give a clear time for when the site's services would be fully resumed.

Some media, such as and, reported that as has frequently violated relevant government rules with its video content, it has therefore been issued a warning by the government and may be closed for a few days. However, this has been denied by

In March 2008, rival Chinese online video provider was shuttered for one day during which time the company explained it was relocating its servers. But later reports showed that the shutdown was a punishment from SARFT, and thereby shattered Tudou's credibility. said at that time that their traffic increased as a result of the 24-hour shutdown of It's unclear now how much of an increase will see in traffic because of's outage.

So far, has not made an estimation on the loss caused by this supposed server malunction, nor has it disclosed when the server will resume working again. If indeed the stoppage is because of a server malfunction, it does not speak highly of's technology prowess or its ability to scale to greater heights.


  1. Check the DNS record… it is That's a bogus private IP address. It's not a server crash, that's a deliberate bogus private IP put in there.


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