China Telecom (CHA) says it is working with four other Trans-Pacific Express Consortium team members to complete their latest project by the end of the year.

China Telecom Americas, the largest international subsidiary of China Telecom Limited, announced the presale of the Trans-Pacific Express product to meet advanced applications and requirements. The cable, a USD500 million investment of the consortium team, led by China Telecom, is 13,000 miles long and will carry 2.56 Terabits per second.

The Trans-Pacific Express Cable is the first next-generation undersea optical cable system directly linking the United States and China, and the first major undersea system to land on the U.S. West Coast in more than seven years. TPE will be more than 60 times the overall capacity of the existing cable directly linking the United States and China, and, thus, will be a major enhancement to the current cable systems between the two nations.

"China Telecom Americas is committed to meet and exceed the needs of its global customers and their mission critical operations," commented Donald Tan, president of China Telecom Americas.

The five landing points for the TPE cable include two in China — Chongming and Qingdao — and one in the United States in Nedonna Beach in Oregon.


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