is working with XZList to promote the use of email list management to non-governmental organizations and charities operating in Greater China.

The new service is available via the XZList website and offers two important services to charities and NGOs. First, fundraising organizations can work with XZList to use's proprietary database of over 35,000 businesses to help solicit important donations or recruit volunteers. Second, NGOs and charities can upload their own databases to XZList and then send important invitations, reminders, and newsletters to their own databases.

After the recent earthquake in China's Sichuan Province, civil society organizations like NGOs and charities have been working hard to raise funds and gain volunteers for community activities in the damaged region. They are using the Internet to mobilize their forces to bring relief to these areas, and an important part of their arsenal is the use of email list management to segment and target groups within their ranks who can best help.

Mailing list management has also proven useful before the earthquake, as organizations like Special Olympics East Asia have relied continuously on XZList's mailing list management services in China to maintain control over their marketing and public relations databases. Organizations like UNICEF and Care for Children have also recently used's mailing list databases to help raise awareness about post-quake needs.

Both and XZList are owned by China-based BDL Media, a direct marketing company specializing in technology and marketing services for businesses to maintain contact with their important stakeholders in China.


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