Chinese home appliance retailer Suning has announced plans to launch a Green Channel for expatriates from July 1, 2008.

As part of the Green Channel service, Suning will arrange sales guides to offer shopping assistance at its chain stores in addition to hanging bilingual advertisements and credit card authorization signs at the entry of its stores.

Suning will also provide barrier-free credit card services at 48 stores in Beijing, allowing overseas consumers to sweep their Visa or MasterCard card when they purchase goods at these stores.


  1. Some days ago tried to purchase at Suning branch on Liyuan sub station; went to the counter who sells Olympic Games merchandise,nobody there, later some girl was called and tried to supply the merchandise,after going back and for asking different employees and I waiting for almost half hour I went away without buying anything.Many young people working at the store but without any knowledge about selling. It is a bad image for a so big company.Hope to be more lucky next time


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