Do you like Chinese food? Visitors to Beijing now have easy access to translation assistance when ordering food in restaurants, hailing a taxi, or navigating the hutongs of the ancient capital city.

To deal with the communication problems of foreign visitors while watching the Olympic Games, China Mobile (CHL) Beijing branch has recently launched a new 12580 online interpretation service, making the mobile phone more than just a vibrating massager or game-playing device. When faced with a communication difficulty, foreign visitors can dial the number 12580 directly, select the corresponding language and tell the interpreter what needs to be translated. Then the interpreter can speak with the local Beijing person and interpret the feedback to the foreigner. At present, China Mobile Beijing branch has opened this interpretation service in four languages and dialects, including English, Japanese, Korean and Cantonese.

To ensure the high-quality of the interpretation service, China Mobile Beijing branch has employed professional interpreters Using the interpretation service, the mobile phone users will be charged at the price of a general call and no additional information fee is needed.

Apart from this interpretation service, 12580 launches many other convenient services, including Olympic information inquiry and bus transfer inquiry, to meet the demands of Olympic visitors while traveling, watching games and shopping.


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