China Sanhuan Audio and Video Press has filed a lawsuit against, one of the major online video service providers in China, at Beijing Haidian District Court, accusing the of offering "Shi Bing Tu Ji", a popular Chinese TV soap opera without its authorization and asking for to pay it CNY300,000 in compensation.

CSAVP claims to be the exclusive owner of the copyright of the show which was produced by Ba Yi Film Studio. It says it found in August 2007 that was playing the soap opera online without its approval, hence it filed the lawsuit.

However, says that it is only a platform for netizens to upload audio and video works and responsible for inspecting the content of those works. says that the TV show was uploaded by a netizen. But as it could not provide the real name of the netizen, CSAVP believes that is lying and says it may have uploaded the TV opera in the name of a netizen.

As the parties could not reach an agreement on the sum of compensation, the court has not made a final judgment.


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