Xu Luode, president of China UnionPay, says that China UnionPay will actively fulfill its mission and undertake its corporate social responsibilities by taking effective measures to help people in the earthquake area rebuild their homes.

China UnionPay says it will help the disaster areas in five ways. First, it will install POS machines in all temporary shops near the settlement points of people affected by the earthquake to meet their demand for shopping with a bank card and set ATMs and movable POS machines in the settlement points for the people to withdraw cash. China UnionPay says it will exempt the relevant fees involved in these services.

Second, it will cooperate with rural credit cooperatives and postal savings to offer special services for returned migrant workers to withdraw cash. Third, it will coordinate with each of the commercial banks to re-issue bank cards to people who have lost their cards or cheques during the earthquake. Fourth, it will make use of its network to open a multi-channel donation platform to relevant charity organizations so that the donation fund can be quickly collected.

Finally, based on the CNY6.23 million donation it has already made to the disaster area, it will initiate a study-aid fund, providing CNY2 million each year for three consecutive years to help poor students from these areas complete their studies.


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