Microsoft Sets Up New Retail Channel In China

Microsoft (MSFT) has established a brand new retail channel in China through a partnership with Chinese electronics retailer Suning.

Microsoft has brought its Windows Experience Store into 15 chain stores of Suning in eight Chinese cities, and the two sides plan to promote the concept to 100 Suning stores within the year.

At Microsoft's Windows Experience Stores, consumers can experience and purchase Microsoft's software like Vista and Office and hardware products such as cameras. According to Chen Xueliang, managing director of Microsoft's Entertainment and Equipment Business Department in Greater China, these Windows Experience Stores sell all Microsoft's goods at competitive prices. Chen says that Microsoft will set up more of such Windows Experience Stores in China's professional computer malls and supermarkets in the future.

Besides allowing consumers to experience and buy Microsoft's products, the Windows Experience Stores also offer professional after-sales service.

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