Intel (INTC) has announced plans to grant the Extensible Firmware Interface platform innovation framework, a core technology of the new generation BIOS, to Nanjing Byosoft, making Byosoft the only independent BIOS vendor in the Chinese mainland.

Dr. Wen-Hann Wang, vice president of Intel's Software Solutions Group and General Manager of Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd, told local media that as a leader of the global IT industry, Intel has been concerned with the development of China's software industry and has devoted great efforts to it, represented by the latest grant of EFI platform innovation framework. Wang says that China's whole PC industry will benefit from this grant and Intel will continue to explore new cooperation patterns to push the continuing innovation of China's domestic IT industry and realize a common development between Intel and China.

Basic Input/Output System, known as BIOS, is a fixed ware needed by all PCs to connect the hardware and operation system. There is a vacancy in the mastery of the technology among Chinese enterprises.

Extensible Firmware Interface is a new generation BIOS standard developed by Intel. With the grant of EFI framework to Byosoft, the company is able to develop a new generation BIOS solution that is safe, manageable and applicable to future PC application.



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