Yunnan Provincial Radio Electromagnetism Environment Protection Rule was formally enacted on June 1, 2008.

Consisting of six chapters and a total of 45 clauses, YPREEPR details the government and concerned departments' duties on radio electromagnetism environmental protection as well as preventive measures and management measures regarding radio electromagnetism environmental protection.

YPREEPR says that radio electromagnetism protection is the duty of all county level and above governments and no one shall be allowed to use radio mobile communications disturbance facilities. It states the procedures, principles and basis for setting radio electromagnetism environment protection zones and setting up radio project equipment sales track systems. The rule states that violators of the clauses shall be fined up to CNY100,000.

As the first such legislation in China's radio electromagnetism environment protection field, YPREEPR is expected to play an important role in ensuring the space safety and sustainable development of electromagnetism frequency spectrum.


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